Please see the official announcement below from District 14, confirming that tryouts are being planned for spring of 2024 for the U12 to U16 divisions.

The Ottawa Jr 67s Hockey Club are currently in the process of firming up dates for our association and are hoping to share our tryout dates later this month or early February.

Tryouts for the U18 division will take place in September 2024.

Mark your Calendars:  April 9th to May 9th

Spring Tryouts coming 2024 for U12 to U16 Divisions

District 14, in conjunction with the HEO ‘AAA’ Hockey League, and its five member associations, are announcing a 2-year pilot project to hold Spring Tryouts for the U12 to U16 Divisions from April 15, 2024, to May 9, 2024.

Hockey Eastern Ontario has tentatively approved, pending approval from Hockey Canada, a two year pilot program for AAA associations to host spring tryouts, for the U12 to U16 age groups only, beginning in April 2024 for the player selection process for the 2024-25 hockey season. U18 AAA tryouts would begin during the usual September 2024 timeframe near the end of CCHL selection camps.

The intent of moving to spring tryouts is to return a portion of the summer to the families to enjoy time away from the rink, provide association boards with more time for logistics planning for the upcoming season, and allow both players and volunteers to return in September fully rested.

Tryouts for the U12 to U16 age groups will begin as early as April 15 with final teams formed no later than May 9, 2024.

Associations will set and communicate their own internal tryout dates as soon as possible.  In addition to Association based tryouts, approach to player selection will also include a ‘combine’ process to facilitate player movement between AAA associations. The combine approach has been tested in the last two seasons, and has proven to be successful at ensuring all teams have access to AAA caliber players, regardless of residency/boundary restraints.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All tryout and combine sessions are mandatory and players wishing to be considered for a AAA roster are expected to attend. This is essential to maintain a structured and controlled environment for fair assessments. Associations need to ensure that participants adhere to established guidelines, fostering a level playing field and preventing unfair advantages. Variables that compromise the integrity of the tryout process, such as absenteeism and injury, make it challenging to evaluate participants accurately.